Consultancy - our Business optimization services

A sound business idea is essential but in itself insufficient to ensure your business succeeds and grows. You need the right people together with the right processes to deliver operational efficiency and achieve your commercial goals. You also need to measure and monitor business performance and remain sufficiently agile to adapt to the evolving competitive environment. 

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Crescus’ Business Optimization Services bring their extensive executive management and board level expertise to bear on the key issues that can block growth. By working with business owners and leadership teams, Crescus provide a bespoke service ranging from an analysis of entire business plans through to detailed studies of specific operational issues. Crescus’ Business Optimization Services present the findings of their assessments together with a series of recommendations for specific tactics to generate business growth. We provide services in the areas below.

Aligning corporate goals

Do you ever lose sight of your company’s vision? Can you occasionally forget what the plan actually is as you strive to meet those quarterly targets? Crescus understand that the goals and strategic plans can sometimes get overlooked in the day to day running of a business.

Identifying competitive advantage

It is important that you know where you stand in your chosen market. You need to be able to cash in on what you are good at, recognise areas of your business that need improving, spot new opportunities that appear and identify the risks to your growth.

Managing corporate risks

In the struggle for success it is all too easy to bury one’s head in the sand and focus only on the positives as a business finds its way. Landing the next big project or breaking into that new market is often the all-encompassing concern of a leadership team because nothing looks and feels as good as the next goal achieved. But all that hard work can amount to nothing if the risks to a business aren't understood fully and managed appropriately.

Calibrating leadership capability

A business’s profitability and potential for growth is in the hands of its leadership team and dependent on their capabilities, experience and energy. The team that launches a new enterprise may not have all the skills required to affect a transformation in a shifting market environment. A company that has a leading position at home may lack the experience at the top to expand internationally. All businesses need to have the right resources to ensure they meet their goals.

Setting management goals

Your mission statement is set in stone, the Company goals are well defined and the strategies to achieve them are robust. How could it possibly go wrong? If the goals and strategies are not well understood by the whole organization, or there is insufficient buy-in from all levels, then the Company is unlikely to be pulling in the same direction and any success will likely be down to pure luck. Is this what you want?

Leveraging customer satisfaction

Whether you have bought a meal in a restaurant, had your car serviced or completed a major transaction on behalf of your company you will be asked about your experience. This is because being aware of what your customer think of you is of prime importance for any business. Are you measureing, and subsequently responding to, customer satisfaction?

Branding your services

Perhaps you're one of those organizations with great service delivery but lacklustre results due to inadequate marketing.

Remuneration design

Having a fit for purpose remuneration scheme for your organization is critical to ensuring that your human capital is recognized and retained.

360 assessments

Conventional staff evaluations are one directional and often biased. Crescus can help you implement a 360 degree assessment program to allow a much richer and valuable assessment which can be used to improve staff performance and capability.

  • Defining short and medium term goals and incentives
  • Determining skills gaps for teams or individuals
  • Developing High Value Employee flagging
  • Reviewing pricing and marketing strategies
  • Mentoring emerging leaders
  • Coaching executives and CEOs
  • Reviewing organization structure
  • Direct management and marketing assistance
  • Assisting sales staff build project backlogs