Training will improve organizational performance

Crescus will help you extend your organizational capability.

Essential tasks for any manager include enhancing team competency and motivating them to become more engaged employees – we can help you here.

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Whether following our Business Optimization Services or as a  bespoke development programme, Crescus offer training in many fields including:

B2B Sales

Learn to identify leads and then turn them into sales using a 5-step sales process

Account Management

Discover the importance of building and maintaining a trusted adviser relationship with your key clients

Negotiation Skills

Find out how to negotiate successfully through a full understanding of the process and the importance of attitude

How to Deliver Winning Presentations

Overcome any fear of public speaking and learn the four basic elements of communication: speaking, listening, feedback, Q&A

People Management

Be able to create a supportive and nurturing work environment in order to get the most from your team members

Finance for Non-financial Managers

Understand the principles of accounting and the role of accounting in the business world

Leadership Skills

Develop the ability to influence the attitude and behavior of your staff to successfully meet your organization’s goals

For every level within an organization, from your most junior employees right up to your executive team and board members, Crescus tailor their training to take your organization’s performance to the next level by helping you increase the competency and engagement of your teams.