Marketing – where to begin

All businesses realize that an effect marketing strategy can increase sales. The key term here is of course “effective” and the trouble in some companies is that management are not always sure of the value of their marketing campaigns are so are often reluctant to spend the money.

So rather than just starting to pump out product information or telling the world how good the company is on social media take the time to fully understand the potential demand for your products, your clients’ needs and preferences and how you stack up against your competitors. And the best way to get these insights is to find out what your existing and potential clients think.

A well-structured client survey that asks the right questions of the correct people will give you all you need to know to focus your marketing campaign on what really matters to you clients and ensure it is truly effective. Rarely are the customers interests aligned with what the supplier is most proud of which means they end up advertising aspects of their products that are not relevant. I have heard it said that no one reads adverts, they only read what interests them and sometimes that is an advertisement. So, you should absolutely make sure that your marketing material is going to be of interest to your clients.

And not only will this type of research help you understand what aspects of your products you need to highlight it can also help you identify opportunities for further innovation which will keep you ahead of the game.

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