Business Optimization Services

A great deal has been written about business risk and attitudes towards it and recently I have seen several leading articles extolling the virtues of entrepreneurs who, in the face of incredible odds and with little chance of survival blindly press on with a passion and focus that does not leave any room for the consideration of the risks they are up against. They are held up as visionaries and the corporate world is asked why it lacks a similar cohort of brave optimists.

The impression given is that all you need is energy, an unfailing belief in your business idea and not a shred of fear about the inherent risks of starting and growing a business.

There will always be people with this approach who by sheer luck do make a go their business succeed, but for every one that does succeed there will be many, many more who fail at the very outset or shortly thereafter.

The qualities of a real entrepreneur are indeed energy, faith, self-belief, passion and the understanding that risks need to be faced, not ignored.

Facing risk means identifying those situations and potential events that might harm your business and putting in place rigorous measures that reduces that risk to the absolute minimum. And the risks will be many so this is not a trivial exercise. What if your business relied solely on one individuals expertize and they become ill or are poached by a competitor? What if you rely heavily on one supplier for parts and they go out of business or taken over? How do you react if a new competitor enters your market?

Recognising these potential threats is not “playing it safe”, it does not mean you are already contemplating failure and so destined to fail, and it does not mean you are going to limit your potential growth.

Recognising the threats and facing up to them by putting in place the right type of armour, the right type of counter-attack and making sure you have the correct resources in order to reduce the potential for them to damage your business so that it will live and thrive is the brave thing to do, the passionate response and above all the smart thing to do. But it is never the easy thing to do, especially when you are in the thick of it all and you are focused on the positive.

That is where Crescus can help. We can help you take an importantly dispassionate long hard look at your business and the landscape it is operating in and identify business risks that could put an end to your company’s dreams. We will then work with you to develop and implement the mitigation strategies to make sure the road ahead is less rocky and success a realistic and achievable goal. It’s what we have been doing for over 20 years.