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Does the outside world know?

Tell your external stakeholders about your progress

Many employers now routinely engage their workforce to find ways of meeting their environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities. But all too often, external stakeholders are unaware of what’s happening within the organisation.


If you promote your ESG performance externally, you’ll improve your business’s sustainability through increase market share and access to future financing since you’ll be assisting your clients and investors alike implement their own ESG policies within their own supply chains. Superior ESG will of course help you attract future employees, especially those who are still currently learning and developing in these times of climate awareness, energy transition and inclusivity.


Crescus has been analysing reported ESG activities in a number of key areas of listed organisations within the energy sector; whilst there are widely varying levels of activity (see the graph below), all organisations recognise the need to do more and communicate their activities in greater detail to the outside world. There can be little doubt that those organisations with the lower scores will face credibility problems sooner rather than later if they do not address their ESG performance and messaging. So how does your organisation compare?


By conducting a bespoke analysis of your organisation Crescus can assist you with the development of ESG initiatives, policies and processes as well as your communications with your employees and wider stakeholders.