How to be a great consultant

When companies invite a Consultant into their organization it is either because they lack specific resources or, they realise they need a fresh pair of eyes. Either way they can expect, and are hopefully looking for, a certain amount of “disruption”. But to ensure that any disruption does not have a negative organisational impact a great Consultant is one who will march through the front door and then slip out of the back door when their job is done without damaging the organisation’s culture.

So, how does a Consultant deliver the right amount of disruption without leaving a trail of destruction? Well, there are three important qualities that a great Consultant requires.

  1. They need to be adaptable. They need to be able to read the organisation quickly and adapt to its structure, its philosophy and its pace. In this way they will be able to work with the organization in a manner that everyone is comfortable with.
  2. They need to be passionate. If they share the organization’s enthusiasm for its business they will find it easier to become a trusted member of the team and to add value and influence the organization effectively.
  3. They need to be respectful. It might be blindingly obvious where an organisation is going wrong, or how it should change but if the consultant appears indifferent or cold then they will not be able to influence the organization in a positive way.

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