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Measuring your footprint

Getting started with decarbonisation

There are few who disagree of the need to decarbonise as many of today’s activities as practical and that the energy sector has a key role to play. But how to start? – particularly when the problem’s so massive and all-encompassing.


Crescus believe that the first logical step is for smaller companies to start measuring their environmental footprint. There’s no right or wrong way to do this – just get started and expand your key metrics as you gain experience. Some obvious things to monitor might include:

  • Your water usage
  • Your volume of waste generated
  • Your energy usage
  • Your usage of chemicals

And if you extend this to a couple of key suppliers, you will rapidly have some key data which can be put to good use. Few these days think that by simply measuring something, the solutions to ‘the problem’ will simply materialise. But there are still too many small and medium sized businesses that have absolutely no appreciation of their environmental footprints.

Let Crescus help you get started here…..